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Myth Busting: Do lash extensions ruin your real lashes?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hello Beautiful!

I hear a wide variety of concerns and questions about the process of eye lash extensions. With so much misinformation out on social media and the rumor mill, it is easy to see why people can be nervous about getting extensions. There is one question, however, that I get all the time:

“Will getting lash extensions destroy my natural lashes?”

“I heard if I get synthetic lash extensions, I’ll damage my real lashes.”

“If I apply fake lash extensions, will my own eyelashes fall out?”

Here’s the short answer: No.

Despite the horror stories you might have heard or the rumors you’ve been told about your neighbor’s-sister’s-cousin’s-best friend, getting lash extensions will not damage, ruin, or otherwise destroy your natural lashes. When properly applied by a professional with quality products, your eyelashes will remain strong, conditioned, and fully in-tact. Study after study has shown that eyelash health is not compromised when having eyelash extensions applied. When properly applied by an experienced professional, eyelashes can be fortified and actually improved after eyelash extensions.

Beyond improving your natural lashes, many of my clients report another incredible benefit to receiving eyelash extensions – a benefit that goes far beyond augmenting their outward beauty, and something that delves deeper into satisfying their inner need for self-care: Relaxation. Whether a full-time mom, a full-time worker, or any combination of the two, many of my clients tell me that their eyelash extension experiences are one of their only moments of calm, quiet, and restorative relaxation. In the hustle and bustle of a world that hardly allows a woman to honor her own needs before adhering to other’s first, the pampering and care my clients receive during their eyelash extension session allows the weight of the world to melt away, even if just for a few moments. When we are relaxed, we are able to best care for ourselves and others.

So, breathe easy. At Beauty by Bobbie T., we strive to provide a safe environment and a relaxing experience that will keep you looking and feeling your best. Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes, and in many cases, can help improve your personal confidence, maximize relaxation, and complement your own natural beauty. However, should you find that you still have other questions or concerns, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have heard – after all, peace of mind is the most beautiful thing of all.

If you are located in the Severna Park, Baltimore, Annapolis, or the DMV area and are ready to book your experience with me, click here.


Bobbie T.

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