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First and foremost, I’m thrilled you’re here.  My name is Bobbie T. and with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, I strongly believe in the power of beauty. Our vision is to change lives one service at a time. We celebrate every woman who enters our door and do everything within our power to help them feel confident, beautiful and empowered when they walk out. 

       Helping women unleash their inner beauty is my passion.  I started this company to help others feel incredible, magnificent and confident through the power of their own personal beauty.  Beauty isn’t vanity.  Beauty is power and where do we hold most of our power? Within.

       Deep within each woman is her own brand of beautiful.  Unfortunately, for centuries, women have been subjected to a cruel double-standard:  Fail to meet societal standards of beauty and endure the ire of others or try to uphold these impossible standards and be labeled as vain.  For this reason, women have been left to feel inadequate no matter what they do, and as a result, deny their inner beauty. Beauty radiates from the inside out, but mainstream media and pop culture has changed the narrative.

       At Beauty by Bobbie T., we’re through with this double standard and false narrative. We believe that women should be empowered to explore their physical beauty without fear of damaging their inner beauty.  We are a place of light and positivity. A place where everybody will be embraced and encouraged to unleash the beauty and power within themselves.


Bobbie T.

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