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How to Apply Mink Lashes (and make them last)

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

From natural to dramatic: Embracing the power of mink lashes at home

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are the curtains.

From eyeshadow to lush liners, glitter to color contacts – humans have been enhancing the impact of their eyes for thousands of years. Our eyes are the single most expressive part of our entire physical being, capable of expressing a wide array of emotions and creating moments of true connection with others, and by playing up the beauty of our eyes, we are able to take our look to the next level. Of all the cosmetic enhancement available to brighten, bolden, and beautify our eyes, there is absolutely nothing that can match the stunning impact of mink lashes.

Bringing depth, drama, and excitement to any look, mink lashes have the unique ability to enhance any look while remaining true to the personal beauty already present. However, the common misconception that mink lashes are difficult to apply and hard to maintain keeps otherwise interested individuals hesitant to give them a go.

In reality, mink lashes are easy to apply and maintain – and we’ll show you how:

How to Apply Mink Lashes:

1. Size Them Up Before you even think about adhesive, you must first consider size. Place the lash gently on top of your natural lash with no adhesive, and assess the size. Trim the lash if necessary to ensure a proper fit.

2. Practice the Placement Once trimmed to size, practice placing the lash on your natural lash. Get a feel for where the lash lands, how it feels, and finalize the sizing. To do this, place your mirror below your face – yes, it will be looking up your nose, and that’s alright. Looking downwards, place the lash into position and ensure it is giving you the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

3. Apply the Adhesive Using a high quality glue or adhesive such as our Strong Hold Glue and a pair of tweezers (we highly recommend The Golden Tweezer, found here), coat the lash band with a thin stream of product and allow to sit for 10-20 seconds before application. Once the adhesive is tacky, place the eyelash on top of the eyeliner. Be sure to move quickly and allow the lash glue to dry completely.

4. Combine the Look Once the lash glue has had time to settle in, gently squeeze the natural lashes into the mink lashes. Using a spooley, gently comb through the lashes to combine.

How to Make Mink Lashes Last:

With proper care, your mink lashes can easily deliver incredible beauty and longevity for 20-30 wears, and the impact on your own natural beauty can be positively life changing. The rules to keeping your mink lashes looking great and standing the test of time are actually quite simple:

· Do not use excessive makeup/mascara/product with your lashes. (The thin coat of eyeliner and mascara before applying the lashes is more than enough to create a stunning look.)

· Use quality adhesive with your lashes.

· Only trim the outside of your lash band for a proper fit.

· Gently remove your lashes at the end of the night and remove excess glue or product.

· Store your lashes in their original case to ensure proper shape.

Mink lashes can bring out, enhance, and illuminate every look – creating an opportunity for maximum expression and confidence. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then why wouldn’t you want the most glorious curtains adorning them? Give mink lashes a try and shop here are a few natural ones that you will love!

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